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Noopept for Studying

smart drugsIf you’re like most students in just about any program, school seems to be getting more stressful and harder every year.  Combine the increased difficulty in the class room and the mounting pressures of life and paying those bills can almost seem like too much to handle.  Fortunately though, there’s something now available called nooptrics that can help.

Right now I think it’s safe bet to say that nootrpics are largely flying under the radar and are not mainsteam yet.  You’re probably wondering what nootropics are and the answer is simple: smart drugs (or supplements, but mostly drugs).  They’re ultimately far from simple, but the name sums them up well.  Nootropics help by improving cognitive function, memory, focus, and to some degree energy.  In short they work to eliminate brain fog and help make you smarter.  The closest thing most people know that comes close is probably Ritalin.

Now there are a lot of nootropics out there but we’re going to focus on what are the most well known, researched and safest.  A good starting pointing is a drug called piracetam.  There is TONS of information online about it.  Our personal favorite however, is the title suggests, is noopept.  I would much suggest reading this detailed review of noopept which has a lot of general information and recommendations, in addition to some of the best places to get it.  If you do decide to give it a try I know you won’t be disappointing, but definitely do your research first.  EatforChange is a great place to start but definitely not the end all be all.

We hope you check these out and get the same benefits we have, anything that can help you excel at school or life is a nice bonus in today’s fast paced-information-overload of a world we live in, even for a chef!